#beerwithoutfear III at the Cellar 10 Feb

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#beerwithoutfear III at the Cellar 10 Feb

Post by AndyTabbeer » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:27 pm

Hello all

We're back tonight at the Cellar. Six singular beers, two beautiful hosts, one magnificent night. There will be luxury nibbles too. Just £17.50.

Here is the previous beer list.

Beer #1: @SirenCraftBrew Aussie Sound Wave IPA 5.6% – a singular IPA & my personal favourite of the evening

Beer #2: @drinkmoorbeer Hoppiness IPA 6.5% cask – the champion beer of the tasting. It’s all about the tightrope walker like balance, baby

Beer #3: @redchurchbrewer Great Eastern IPA 7.4% keg – an unapologetically hoppy IPA

Beer #4: @WildBeerCo Ninkasi Premier Cru 10% – Belgian, brandy, apples, champagne, bonkers beer

Beer #5: @WildBeerCo Raconteur 9.9% – an aged *fruitcake* barley wine that can transform an ordinary man into Peter Ustinov in one glass

Beer #6: @WildBeerCo Whiskebeest 12% – brewed with real wildebeest, aged in whiskey barrels & then blended into the ultimate decadent beer

Andy & Aki
Don't ask what beer can do for you, ask what you can do for beer.

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