What's Brewing Newspaper..August edition

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What's Brewing Newspaper..August edition

Post by Edwincad » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:38 am

Just opened my package containing the August edition of whats Brewing... to find a mysterious envelope inside... :wink: ...Opening it revealed the offer of a lifetime...As a special thank you for reading the paper.. :hmm: .A chance to avail myself of an 8 day..Five star cultural tour of Cyrus...(Mostly Northern Cyprus) ..For the paltry sum of £149.00... :whistle: ...The usual price ..Allegedly being £949.00...!!!

What has cultural touring of a country..(Which I am not aware has any real Ale ) possibly got to do with CAMRA..

This OFFER ...Is supposedly from the "Head of Department Reader Tours"...Really...I would be interested to hear any comments on this..Surely if there are any "readers tours " to be offered ..Should they not involve visits to Countries with a solid history of Real Ale production..And the usual Brewery tours and Beer Festivals...which would be of far more interest (I would hazard a guess...)

My Father always warned me to beware of Greeks bearing Gifts.... :hmm:....

I realise that there is a choice involved here..To go ..Or not to go...But methinks this type of thing should not be endorsed (that's if it is officially of course...) By CAMRA...

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Re: What's Brewing Newspaper..August edition

Post by Handbridge Hophead » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:06 am

My RSPB magazine arrived at the same time as What's Brewing with both containing the aforementioned mysterious envelope. Both identical bar who they purported to be from. Both went straight into the recycling box.

If it means more money to protect birds and cask beer I'm not bothered.

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Re: What's Brewing Newspaper..August edition

Post by Mr W » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:03 pm

Same with Private Eye, Woodland Trust and others. Dont think Ive ever looked at the crap that comes with them. Straight in the recycle bin but they must help with the ad revenue

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