Seven wickets down!

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Seven wickets down!

Post by Ralefan » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:36 pm

In the Ponsonby in Llangollen on Friday night there were 10 beers on. When I arrived on Saturday, 2 had just ran out. In the next hour, another 5 went off surprising the bewildered barman.
It was like an England batting collapse! 7 wickets down in one hour!! Where was Dexter?
The next man in was Lamb from the Sun to save the day.
The large number of rail enthusiasts down for the weekend just thought the place was running out of steam.

The Star Inn had no Real Ale on tonight. The new landlord (three weeks) said he was keen to get it on. He is going to start with Doom Bar then add another (maybe Hobgoblin).
He likes Doom Bar and said he would drink it all himself if it was not selling well!

Not a very inspiring range for a pub a few doors from the Sun Inn, but at least he is going to give it a try.

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