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GBG Nonimations

Post by 10881 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:07 am

I would like to add my support for the nomination of Halfway House

This pub has been long over shadowed by the White Lion. However in recent
years the White Lion has turned into a food orientated pub ,to the extent that
drinkers are made to feel unwelcome.
I can tell you as a villager myself that the local characters have migrated
to the Halfway

Indeed a the original White Lion Golf Society now meets in the Halfway House

Chris and Jayne do excellent job of creating a typical local sadly lacking in todays drinking environment.

There is now a permanent 4th hand pump with 4 rotating beers Since the tie to Marston has been relaxed then the variety has only improved -the quality has always been good -Chris has always been open to suggestions of new beers to try

But it is as a community local that it stands out , two darts teams
two dominoes teams and two Golf societies are based here. It is a pub where
to quote a phrase “everybody knows your name”= of course if you turn up with a beer thermometer and a superior attitude you will get the piss taken out of you

I turned up one Saturday night and there was a old fashion sing- song in full flow, not my thing I have to admit but how often does that happen these days

I will try to attend Branch Meeting on 16th to add my vote

John Kummer
Life Member 10881

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