The Boathouse, Parkgate

A space for pubs/bars/clubs/festivals to tell us what beers they have available.
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The Boathouse, Parkgate

Post by Rob_Boathouse » Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:00 pm


Just to let you know what beers we have on at the moment,

Piffle, Woodward and Falconer, (North Wales) Exclusive to Woodward & Falconer Pubs!
Balderdash, Woodward and Falconer (North Wales) Exclusive to Woodward & Falconer Pubs!
Infusion, Conwy (North Wales)
Bearly Literate, Beartown (Congleton)
Bonkers Conkers, Green King
Black Diamond, Banks

Next up will be Peerless Viking Gold, Conwy Riptide and Speckled Hen

We also have bottle Piffle for you to enjoy at home!

Happy Drinking!!

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