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Real ale at The Plumbers Arms & The Carlton Tavern....

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:08 pm
by bungleventure

We currently have the following real ales on in our Chester pubs....

At the Plumbers Arms....

Thwaites Original 3.6%abv
Wainwright 4.1%abv
Little Bewdy 4.2%abv
TBC 3.8%abv

Westons Old Rosie also on handpull.

Open until 6am for members in the licensed trade!!!

At the Carlton Tavern....

Hydes Original 3.8%abv
Voyager 4.2%abv
Vemillion Hue 4.5%abv
Wychwood Bountiful 4.0%abv
Jennings Crag Rat 4.3%abv

Quiz night every Tues and Folk night every Weds!!! All majors sports shown!!

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